We only book through email: Yes! We book everything, and every day of the week.

*** We like to keep the acts diverse, so be creative!  Bands can only perform once every month and a half at The Pinhook.
We have a 30 mile radius clause.  Please do not play within 30 miles of The Pinhook for 2 weeks prior to or after your show here.

*** PLEASE!!! send 6 fliers for this venue to the address below.  We’ll put them up here, but otherwise you’re responsible for putting fliers up around town etc. *** Please Note Durham does not allow flyers on telephone poles and/or any public property.  This will result in a citation from the city.  If a citation is issued, for your posters, you will be responsible for the costs!!! Also we send events to the Indy, but other forms of press are up to you!!  The more you promote the more cashish you’ll make from the door and the more likely there will be crowd surfing… yes!

Send Posters Here

The Pinhook
117 W. Main Street
Durham, NC 27702



Mondays – Thursdays, and Sundays: Load in for bands is 6:15.  The sound person will be there at 6:45 to talk sound checks and / or line checks depending on the bands.  Doors are at 8:15 and the show starts at 9pm.
Fridays and Saturdays: Load in for bands is 7:15pm.  The sound person will be there at 7:45 to sound check and set up.  Doors are at 9:15 and the show starts at 10pm.
So you know, we hate to sound so harsh, but cancellations of shows last minute and failure to promote can and have really hurt this club, and we want to stay a place that supports music/art/musicians and drinking folk. Thanks for understanding, and helping us make this place possible.

Private Parties

We are available for private party bookings. We’ve hosted events by DPAC / Birthday Parties / Proms / Holiday Karaoke / etc. Please email with info on times and entertainment so we can best accommodate you.