Kourvioisier Record Release Party

Kourvioisier Record Release Party

Thee Tom Hardy, Wreck-N-Crew, Blaze The Sky, Defacto Thezpian, Mark Steele, The Koolest

Sat, July 13, 2013

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 10:00 pm

The Pinhook

Durham, NC


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Kourvioisier began his rapping career at the age of eleven wherein 2005 he was a member of a group named First in Flight, later Flight Gang which dropped their first mixtape as he was exiting eighth grade. They went on to make two more mixtapes in 2008 but the group disbanded due to disagreement between the four members.

A young Kourvioisier could be found going to daycare with a boombox and headphones, this trend continued through middle school where a camcorder was added where he would rap amongst his peers. Ninth grade found the emcee still modest but after being put on the spot in tenth grade, he came out of his shell and became known as a young force to be reckoned with and started emceeing where ever he could showcase his talent.

Some talents are said to be beyond their years, oft referred as having an old soul. These are young people who seem to have been on the planet before because their knowledge and/or abilities excel far beyond those of their contemporaries. Kourvioisier is one of those types of souls. He is a student of the game in that his knowledge of the golden era is extensive for an individual who had yet to crawl, let alone walk the earth when the golden era occurred. He channels the word play synonymous with that era over twenty first century production.

The rapper attests that his father fading away from his life as he got older as the reason he harbored so much internal anger and music became the vehicle in which he would channel that aggression. When one listens to his music it is easy to discern in portions of his delivery that the artist is siphoning his inspiration from a deep, emotional pain, and yet, maybe due to his youth you hear the hope that springs eternal from a young mind that refuses to lose. He credits his mother and his grand-mother for being his saving grace in that they encourage him to push forward regardless of what his current situation may be.

In 2008, while recording the final project for Flight Gang he met DJ Skaz Digga, a recording engineer, producer and dj for Big Daddy Kane and one of the founding members of The World Famous Butta Team DJ crew out of Durham N.C. After the break-up of Flight Gang, Kourvioisier found himself hanging around Skaz’s Flavor Fruit Studios due to his love of music and his desire to continue even though his crew had disbanded. Skaz was recording a local artist and Kourvioisier asked if he could feature on the track and the artist agreed. The next day he came back with a verse written to the concept and he was able to hold his own with a rapper far enough ahead of him in the game he impressed the veteran Skaz so much so that he made him one of his artist.

July, 2009 a concept was developed and the project was entitled “Return of the Golden Era (featuring the Golden Child Kourvioisier).” This would be the first time the rapper dropped his initials and used his government name as his emcee moniker. Even though it was a mixtape, he treated the project like an album in hopes that his extra effort would make his mixtape stand out from the norm. The project wrapped in December for a February release It was hailed by critics from Indy Week and NuFacesNC as well as rap veterans such as Big Daddy Kane, Lord Finesse, DJ Nas Nes’ Rap Attack and a co-sign from one of NC’s most accomplished producers, 9th Wonder.
Thee Tom Hardy
Thee Tom Hardy
The News and Observer:

By Craig D. Lindsey — Correspondent

As with most rap artists, the Durham-based men who make up the hip-hop duo Wreck-N-Crew knew at a young age that rap would be their calling. “It’s really all I knew growing up,” says Trie Cartier, sitting outside a downtown Raleigh watering hole with his dreadlocked partner, Fresh Sutton.

Cartier (aka Montrice Goodwin) and Sutton (aka Brandon Sutton), both 26, began gravitating toward each other during their teen years. “We used to battle each other in high school,” remembers Sutton. “So we’ve always been involved with each other, like, musically.”

Sutton recalls it was his future bandmate who inspired him to get more involved with hip-hop. “I was always moved by a lot of rap music, but I didn’t start off listening to rap music as early as he did,” says Sutton. “Really, I heard Trie Cartier rapping, and that really moved me.”

The pair didn’t officially join forces until 2009, naming themselves after “The Wrecking Crew,” the main characters from the movie “Juice,” a favorite of theirs. They dropped two releases, “Alcohol & Music” and “The Program,” the following year.

“We just wanted to get the music right, first of all,” says Cartier, who usually writes and produces the music with Sutton. “As far as the production and lyrics, we wanted to show the growth from the first project to the next project.”

When they weren’t in the lab composing music, they were going around to open-mic nights in the Triangle and refining their live-performance skills.

“I think when we first started,” recalls Cartier, “we weren’t that good.”

Eventually, the boys found their groove.

“I feel like once we really got comfortable onstage, it was more so like us, you know, just – we really just vibe out,” says Sutton.

“However the music moves you, that’s what we portray onstage, and I guess it really did take all them open mics to realize that and to, like, perfect our craft onstage.”

Even though they’ve gotten a rep for being reliable live MCs, ready to hit the stage and rock a house at a moment’s notice, they continue to work on their techniques.

“We record shows,” says Cartier. “We see what we do, younowhamsayin. It’s like looking at game footage. Like, when the school plays the game and they go back and look at the footage. That’s how we do with performances.”

As with most of the rappers around these parts, Cartier and Sutton are aspiring to get recognition outside of their region. But considering that they view themselves as a work in progress, they’re not eager to break out just yet.

“We will get to that level when we feel like it’s time,” says Sutton. “But I feel like we’re just improving ourselves right now. I feel like we’re almost there.”

Besides, they’re still having a good time collaborating with their own.

“I respect a lot of locals here, man,” says Sutton, referring to MCs like Thee Tom Hardy and Joshua Gunn, who’ve done guest spots on Wreck-N-Crew tracks.

“Everyone here is pretty much dope. It’s really just the location we’re in that’s really, like, hindering a lot of people from really becoming that name.”

For the time being, Wreck-N-Crew is continuing to release more mixtapes online (like the upcoming “Victoria Starks,” scheduled to drop in a couple of weeks) and do more shows (like the King F.A.M.E. show at Casbah this Wednesday).

And they hope to build an audience that’ll appreciate the musical and lyrical complexity they bring whenever and wherever they perform.

“I mean, I’ve seen a lot of things,” says Cartier. “So I try to touch on a little bit of everything.”

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2012/12/06/2527032/durham-rap-duo-is-only-human.html#storylink=cpy
Blaze The Sky
Blaze The Sky
This dope emcee named Azon Blaze met this dope emcee named SkyBlew...They made some dope music together and decided to form a group...Thats when they formed Blaze The Sky..The End :)
Defacto Thezpian
Defacto Thezpian
"Another NC artist with a bright future" "...uncanny delivery, remarkable cadence, and undeniable punchlines ". Quotes from some of those Who have only chosen to listen to his music. Defacto Thezpian "Real Actor " is the reason North Carolina Hip-Hop will thrive and prosper. Driving to succeed with his God given talent in music and performance, Defacto Thezpian's pellucid music will convey such an imminent force to your eardrums you will have no choice but to keep him on repeat. Be captivated as he narrates his seemingly panoramic and verisimilar life. With no comparable style or personality, Mr. Thezpian thrives on what he likes to call "Schnozy" music. Delivering to everyone what might just cause intemperance and disbelief. Defacto Thezpian has graced the stage with growing North Carolinian legends Azon Blaze The Real Laww Professor Toon and others. Catch a listen to the next prophet of Urban music.
The Koolest
Rapper Dan The Don and rapper/singer/ producer Dinero P are collectively known as The Koolest, the newest up and coming Hip-Hop artists from Durham, North Carolina.

They have released a modestly successful album titled Liquor & Noodles and have been promoting and performing all over the country. They have recently opened up for Hip-Hop acts such as Ace Hood, Juelz Santana, Smoke DZA, and Mr. MFN Exquire just to name a few. They have also been featured in several publications such as the music website 'This Goes In' and an article in 'The Daily Tarheel'.

Liquor & Noodles is the sophomore mixtape from the duo. The title refers to the common drink and food of choice for many people in their generation and also refers to the "rags to riches" lifestyle many of us desire.
Venue Information:
The Pinhook
117 W. Main St.
Durham, NC, 27701