General Info


  • Adress: 117 W. Main St. / Durham, NC 27701
  • Phone:(984) 244-7243
  • Twitter@thepinhook
  • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/thpinhook
  • Email: info@thepinhook.com
  • Booking: booking@thepinhook.com
  • You are welcome to bring in food AND your dog.
  • We have a great wireless connection.
  • We have an ATM.

The Pinhook is a pretty noice venue for live music, dance parties, basic chilling, and collaborative / creative events. We are a safer space for lgbtqi folks, POC groups, punks, lawyers, cyclists, trivia nerds, and everyone else.  We are also a bar, so come after work or early evening and drank w. us (albiet rootbeer or beer beer)

  • Weekends of Musical Mayhem — Bands / DJ’s.
  • Weeknight Monthlies like Open Mics, Dance Parties, Karaoke, Trivia, and Square Dances, Drag Shows
  • The Greatest Bar Staff
  • Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga
  • Cheap Dranks
  • A Patio Out Back! Our patio is so awesome. I love you, patio.

But the most important thing we have is YOU. The Pinhook is YOUR place. We believe that communities thrive when there is a public place for folks to be themselves, whether on stage or on a barstool, relaxing or rocking out. Come beyou here – unless you are a biggot 🙂


FOH Console: Midas Venice F32 (Analog console w/firewire send + return on all channels; 20 channels snaked to stage; 4 band sweepable parametric EQ on all channels; 4 monitor mixes and 2 FX sends; 4 mono / 2 stereo sub-busses)
1x Nexo NXAMP 4×4 Speaker controller / amplifier (crossover @ 80Hz)
2x Nexo GeoS1230 Line array loudspeaker (L / R; flown vertically and inverted)
1x Nexo RS15 2×15″ Subwoofer
1x Nexo LS500 1×15″ Subwoofer
4x Yamaha DXR12 12″ Active 2 Way loudspeaker (Floor monitors)
1x Mackie SRM1801 1×18″ Active 1×18″ subwoofer (Drum sub monitor)

1x Xilica XP8080 8 in / 8 out digital signal processor (graphic EQ and bus compression/limiting on mains + subs + monitors; controlled from computer via USB link)
4x dbx 166 2 channel compressor/limiter/gate (8 channels total)
1x FMR RNC stereo compressor w/sidechained dbx 263 de-esser (generally used for parallel vocal bus duties)
1x TC Electronic M300 Dual Engine FX processor
2x Furman Power Conditoner
Additional processing is possible via firewire send/return from Midas console to computer: inquire with house sound engineer for details.

2x Shure Beta 58A
2x Shure SM58
2x Audix OM7
2x Sennheiser e835
2x Shure Beta 57A
7x Shure SM57 (3 w/ drum mounting hardware)
3x Sennheiser e604
1x Shure Beta 52A
1x Audix D6
2x Naiant MSH-1 (miniature omni condenser)
A good selection of mic stands, cables, adapters, clips etc.

2x Radial JDI Passive DI
2x Radial ProD2 Passive 2 channel DI
2x Radial AV2 PC/IPOD/line input 2 Passive 2 channel DI
Stage Dimensions: 16′ wide, 12′ long, 2.5′ high w/ swanky sound padding behind performers. We also have a large mounted projector screen behind performers.

Stage Dimensions: 16′ wide, 12′ deep, 2.5′ high. A projector is mounted on the house / front fill lighting truss and a large retractable screen is mounted on the upstage lighting truss. Projection controlled via VGA send from either mixing station or onstage. Various VGA adapters (e.g. for a variety of generations of Apple laptop display ports) are on-hand.

The room has been professionally acoustically treated (stage decoupled from floor; bass trapping beneath stage; diffuser / absorber panels upstage of performers; flown acoustic cloud above stage) .

All production inventory is subject to change, for example due to equipment in for repair or replacement.

Touring engineers at The Pinhook are expected to be respectful of the space and the equipment, and to comply with the verbal input of the house engineer. House sound engineers reserve the right to replace a touring engineer at any time, as well as to make final decisions regarding bus compression, limiting etc as deemed necessary to protect the equipment.

Bands are responsible for any and all damages to equipment due to band and/or touring sound engineer negligence.


Predating the existence of the city of Durham, The settlement of Pinhook was established in the early 1800’s near the later Durham train Station.  In the 1850’s, Pinhook was granted its spirits license and started a grog shop in an area already teaming with “questionable characters,” as one Trinity College student wrote in 1906.

“Besides being a favorite stopping-place for the wagoners, Pinhook was known for miles around. Its fame spread as far as twelve or fifteen miles northwest, as may to this day be learned from the old inhabitants of the country communities, and even the students of the University at Chapel Hill had the habit of coming over when they wished to go off on a lark. It was known as a place of brawls and rough-and-tumble fights, drinking, gambling and other forms of amusement, where the natives and visitors met to have a rough, roaring, and to them, glorious time.”

A story in the Hillsborough newspaper in 1871 described the early character of the neighborhood. “There is a place called Pin Hook… and it is remarkable for a race that was run there many years ago by a man and a woman. They wore no clothes and ran for a quart of liquor.”

We’re happy to uphold select quirks and values of the old Pinhook Grog Shop, and hope to make just as big of a historical spas on present day Durham.

Read more about Pinhook here (link: http://www.owdna.org/History/history20.htm) and @ Endangered Durham.  (http://endangereddurham.blogspot.com/search?q=pinhook)

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