There’s something extremely special about the city of Durham, and it’s not the shiny high rise buildings or the new food options in downtown. What makes this city special, to us, are the people that have lived and created here for decades and many of those that are just arriving. ​It was for these loud, queer and often indigent people that we started The Pinhook, and it’s because of them, ten years later, we are still here.

The Pinhook ideology sprang from the do-it-together-punk-venue-bike-co-op-community-art-project culture of Bull City Headquarters.​​ In ​November of 2008​​, just two years after BCHQ closed, we opened our doors, partied all night, and sold out of almost everything we’d stocked. We had no idea what we were doing. From throwing shows and having meetings in ​Bull City Records ​​and abandoned buildings, we learned how important having space was to fostering art and discussion. We hoped to create a space that would last through relationship break-ups and the changing landscape of Durham.

The Pinhook is rooted in ​art, music and queerness​​. We’ve maintained these roots, for a decade now, through the heat of an economic crisis and during the demise of the the music industry as we knew it. Our continued existence is living proof that creating a sustainable, creative space that makes all people (minus haters) feel welcome, is a crucial resource for any creative community. ​It’s not the industry that matters, it’s the relationships we make with the community in the space we occupy.

In celebration of our continued survival, we’re hosting ​a week of all ages, donation based shows, complete with giveaways, cheap drink specials, karaoke and strong throwback VIBES. ​​Stay tuned for all the info, but clear out ​Mon. Nov 12th- Sun. Nov 18th ​​for a week you will hopefully remember <3 (full details below).

Thank you for all of your support, criticism, art, music and energy for the past decade – and keep it coming y’all.

We’re not going anywhere. #SINCE4EVA

For questions/inquiries, please contact Kym: ​​booking@thepinhook.com​​ or Heather: ​​promo@thepinhook.com

MON 11/12

** show line ups and sponsors to be announced shortly **

Since Forever Nostalgia Fest. Take your Pinhook Yearbook photo to the tune of records spinning of old Durham bands, peruse the Deadstock Merch Silent Auction, peep the newly decorated bathrooms with a decade of Pinhook photos*, plus cheap beer specials and free pizza!

TUES 11/13

Pinhook 10 Year Trivia ft. questions themed around The Pinhook’s decade in Durham and killer prizes!

WED 11/14

Donation based show w/ some of the triangle’s finest

THURS 11/15

Pinhook Golden Age w/ Mettlesome Pinhook Karaoke

FRI 11/16

Donation based show w/ some of the triangle’s finest + Dance Party to Follow

SAT 11/17

Donation based show w/ some of the triangle’s finest + Dance Party to Follow

SUN 11/18

Donation based show w/ some of the triangle’s finest + Durham Potluck Dinner

*Pinhook will launch a “PINHOOK YEARBOOK” photo and story sharing campaign both on social media and via email (​since4eva@thepinhook.com)​ on Monday, October 29th. For more details, follow along with the Pinhook online: @thepinhook and follow the hashtag #since4eva