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Chris Larkin, Exit Mice

All Ages
super solid indie rock


We’re all vulnerable at some point. We’re here to scream, “THAT’S OKAY!”

We come from broken families.

We come from what seems like endless streaks of bad luck.

We come from immigrants.

We come from being unappreciated for our efforts.

We come from experience prejudice first hand.

Some of us have overcome said obstacles, and some of us are still working on it.

Regardless, we can honestly say that this band has resulted in a creative energy - an emotional connection so strong and so therapeutic, we couldn’t let the chance to be a voice go to waste. The songwriting may be simple, but it speaks on a conversational level with the people that might be going through the same things we are. Sometimes people don’t need an answer or a solution to their problems. Sometimes they just need to know that they’re not alone.

We don’t expect an emo band, especially one from RANDOLPH COUNTY of all places, to gain any kind of local momentum. But even though most of our shows and public activity will be done outside of this place, we want the youth to know that they have a resource much closer than they might think.

These humble, catchy little anthems are for you: whoever might need it. This summer release will be for you.

Chris Larkin

Chris Larkin is an alternative artist from Raleigh, NC, with a live band trio rounded out by Michael Hudson (bass) and Alan Asby (drums) since late 2017. After independently releasing his debut album Honest in March 2018, the trio is bringing songs from that release and a collection of newly written songs to their live set. The group draws influence from acts such as The Neighborhood, Hozier, and Cage The Elephant. With different musical backgrounds and influences spanning through the trio, the combination results in a high-energy set full of carefully crafted pop-rock songs.

Exit Mice

Exit Mice is a celebration of the world inside Dave Yarwood's head, where it's perpetually the '90s. The band pays homage to a niche genre at the intersection between slacker pop, grunge, and punk, drawing inspiration from bands like Dinosaur Jr., Weezer, and Descendents.

Yarwood (Antibubbles, No Love) mixes catchy pop with unexpected chord changes and irrational time signatures. Ross Gruet (Brett Harris, Flash Chorus) lays a foundation of energetic but proficient bass playing. Jon Sebastian (Antibubbles, Jon Sebastian & the Trespassers) provides relentless drumming that is steeped in pop sensibility. And newest addition, Eric Lee, rounds out the bands sound with guitar and synth sorcery.

Venue Information:
The Pinhook
117 West Main Street
Durham, NC, 27701