Hey Champ! / Lunchbox Hero / Binder

Hey Champ!

Lunchbox Hero, Binder

All Ages

Hey Champ!

A trio of some of the handsomest Durham residents. Surely the finest boy band in the 277** area code. They were once described as “...actually pretty good” upon the release of their first official demo. Yes, things are just getting started for this rough-and-tumble group of playful pranksters.

LunchBox Hero

LunchBox Hero brings a sound teaming with melodic, energetic, and dynamic verses lined with thoughtful lyrics and stories. Beginning in summer of 2014 the ensemble changed gears and focus on writing their first EP. Ambitiously, they decided that with their first release they would try something unique and write a concept EP. Once completed they followed with several shows promoting the album playing all around Wilmington and even making it up to the nation's capital of spread the word. Now in 2017, backed by a new drummer, LunchBox Hero is writing their second EP hoping to hone in on a more modern sound all while keeping to their recipe to write a song.


Venue Information:
The Pinhook
117 West Main Street
Durham, NC, 27701