House of Coxx Pride Reunion

House of Coxx Pride Reunion

Ages 21+

Pride: Durham, NC is happening on September 29th and we want to give you life that night! Come play with some Coxx's! Anita Coxx and Brigitte Kiss are making the trip home to Mama to say heeeyyyyyyyy! The Queens of Comedy (Dramedy?) are back!

The House is going to be PACKED that night as DJ Femi the Femme gives you smooth booty smacking beats. IS THAT EVEN A THING?! I don't know, but I just made it up.

Alex and Jang and will have some extra special guests to help them out. Bring your ones, fives, and for mama some twenties! COME PLAY, CHILDREN! COME PLAY!

Venue Information:
The Pinhook
117 West Main Street
Durham, NC, 27701