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No One Mind

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After the acrimonious dissolution of their previous musical partnership, Ellis Anderson, Noah Dehmer and Missy Thangs (The Love Language, Birds Of Avalon) set out to make a record that could give voice to their feelings of betrayal. The album they created, No One Mind, addresses both the accuser and the accused, perspectives sometimes shifting within a single phrase. The project, once defined by the record, took the name as well. Drawing inspiration from cult heroes like Lynch, Bowie and Eno, No One Mind veers between resolution and vengeance, weaving in and out of pop and neofolk forms, alien chordal structures and odd textures. No One Mind received acclaim from Bandcamp Daily, "... rarely has there been a record as focused and barbed in its execution.” IndyWeek listed No One Mind’s debut as one of the best local albums of 2016.

There’s a cohesiveness to Birnbaum’s surgical songwriting, a sort of cowboy pop that’s got one eye wandering toward outlaw territory and one fixed on catchy melodies[...]Everyday Crimes Against Objects of Desire, Vol II. sounds like the first sure strides past hesitation’s boundaries. - Caitlin White - Stereogum

Gabriel Birnbaum’s resonant, booming voice proves itself to be in a class of its own, but this EP is the sound of a great singer-songwriter finding his ideal band. They blast through apocalyptic jams with aplomb and in taking over lead vocals in a number of tracks, Katie Von Schielder provides a beautiful counterpoint to Birnbaum. The EPs are both of culmination of everything Birnbaum has aimed for, but also the start something really special. - David Dekeyser - CMJ Best of 2015

"Wilder Maker’s sprawling second album, Year of Endless Light, concentrates at those drop-everything arresting moments, the type of holy fuck jolts that spur a compulsion to rewind/replay: listen listen listen and maybe if you listen just one more time you’ll finally get your head around some hidden secret.” – Nathan Huffstutter, The Fiddleback

“A remarkable album, richly conceived and remarkably, wildly played…a river of American sounds…bizarre and original.” – eMusic Best of 2013

"8.3...A fulmination of raw talent and professional struggle expressed in swerving jags of jazz-blazed, high-rise folk" - Nathan Huffstutter, Paste Magazine

A piece of roaming beauty, placing the alluring enticement of “Hope Springs” in the beginning, the half-eyed bleary sleepiness of “White Knuckled On the Wheel”, the evocative, gorgeous, funereal closer, “Love = War”; built around the richness of the centerpiece song, “Zion." - Sjimon Gompers – IMPOSE

This is lovely music, finely detailed and plush, easy to warm up to, but then the delight of sharp nettles beneath keeps you picking away at it. - Jayson Greene - Wondering Sound

Underneath the polished sheen of the track’s production lies a thoroughly original and twisted approach to songwriting that sets Wilder Maker apart...bars with odd time signatures, brief dissonant chord changes, vocal harmonies soaked in dub-reggae inspired echo. Wilder Maker is clearly committed to challenging the increasingly inflexible alt-country idiom. - Aputumpu

“Year of Endless Light is the type of record that demands and rewards careful attention, both to appreciate the seamless joining of expansive folk and free jazz and to follow the tonal shifts that veer from recalcitrant despair to communal joy to loving calm.” – Consequence of Sound

"Moody and richly literate" - The Boston Globe

“An incredible breadth of vision that defies musical genres.” -Folk Radio UK

somber big guitar tunes

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The Pinhook
117 West Main Street
Durham, NC, 27701