The Conjure - Jan Edition


Fruity Pebbles, Lexonloud, Femi The Femme, Luxeposh

Ages 21+
The Conjure - January Edition

The Black Femme Celebration known as The Conjure is back for our first party of 20/20 featuring local DJs : Fruity Pebbles, Lexonloud, Femi The Femme, Luxeposh, & Gemynii! All folks are welcomed to the space but please know and respect that this is black & queer centered space that honors the magic of black femmes through dance and connection with community! $12 cover goes toward making sure our DJs are paid! We will also have our Conjure Pole Dancer Nakiyah Chanel make you bring your extra bills & dance with us! ***PAY BLACK FEMMES**

Venue Information:
The Pinhook
117 West Main Street
Durham, NC, 27701