The House of Coxx Presents: The Glitter Show

The House of Coxx Presents: The Glitter Show

All Ages
Your HIGHNESS invites you ....

Sparkle! Glitter! Days of regret!

All of our elementary selves miss the magic and wonder of glitter being a daily experience. Well, we are officially giving you an excuse to wear as much glitter as you want because we are having a GLITTER SHOW.

Join us as we do more than we absolutely should with all of this wonder and flourish. Honestly, we are going to be wearing a lot of glitter and you want to see this.

Stormie Daie and Vivica C. Coxx will be hosting all night at our two shows at 8:30 PM and 11 PM. Spray Jay, Naomi Dix, and Dustin Reams will be giving you life at both shows! And, we are excited to welcome Princexx Peritwinkle back to the stage after successfully winning the first amateur night this year.

Pitcrew Alex and Jang will be doing what they do.

Venue Information:
The Pinhook
117 West Main Street
Durham, NC, 27701