Beloved Binge EP Release and Going Away Party

Beloved Binge EP Release and Going Away Party

Horizontal Hold

Thu, May 26, 2016

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

The Pinhook

Durham, NC


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Beloved Binge
Beloved Binge
“The spirit of the band is still playful, even as it tackles weighty themes…Pockets is Beloved Binge’s fullest-sounding and most confident record to date.” – Bryan Reed, Independent Weekly

“…a fun pop record that delivers hook after singable hook… –Carrboro Ninja blog

“Pockets is a tremendous record.” –Hannah Levinson, Shuffle Magazine

“These two tackle drums and guitar with energetic arrangements and a delightful sense of play.” –Ashley Melzer, The Mill, from feature on Beloved Binge “Gimme 5.”

“Reminiscent of groups like the Moldy Peaches, [Beloved Binge adds] a humorous touch to lyrics that might seem dark otherwise. Beloved Binge pulls out lighthearted pop-punk jams with its fourth studio album, Pockets. It will certainly leave listeners with plenty of catchy riffs to get stuck in their heads.” –Daily Tar Heel, Diversions

“Their latest album Pockets is quite an emotional journey. The music is something to indulge in, it’s not meant to be a fleeting moment on your stereo.” –Scrink blog
Horizontal Hold
Horizontal Hold
We've been working on a long-player for a while now and are totally jazzed to present it to y'all, our fans and friends!
We're doing this with our pals at PotLuck .

It's called "The Silence".

We're doing a show at our beloved Pinhook--and we'll have copies of "The Silence" on compact disc with lovely sleeve artwork by our own Kim Walker (CDs come with a download code).
The album will also be available in other fun physical "formats" that come with download codes (luxurious scented candles, Kat Lamp's "Cat Levitating a Taco" HH t-shirts, whatever else we can think of).
Or, if you've transcended this physical world, simply steer yr World Wide Web browser over to and download the jams on or after 3/24.

Joining us will be the sometimes dramatic, sometimes chilly (but always chill) No One Mind. Their sprawling experimental psychpop tunes will have you blissed for days. (NOM synth-jockey Missy Thangs recorded our album and is our favorite wizard.)

You'll also get treated to the dulcet tones of our best band-pals Today's Forecast. Durham's supergroup to end all Durham supergroups! Folks from every band you love get together for a mighty 'n' muscular yet tender 'n' juicy post-punk / post-rock / post-toasties extravagnza.

We are Horizontal Hold. We're from Durham and we made a record. ♥
Venue Information:
The Pinhook
117 W. Main St.
Durham, NC, 27701