The Cats Cradle Presents:  Tall Tall Trees

The Cats Cradle Presents: Tall Tall Trees

Curtis Eller

Tue, February 21, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The Pinhook

Durham, NC

$8.00 - $10.00

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Tall Tall Trees
Tall Tall Trees
The man behind Tall Tall Trees is Mike Savino, a pioneer in the the world of experimental and psychedelic banjo music. If you've seen Kishi Bashi live over the last several years, chances are you've already seen this insane banjo virtuoso playing in K's band, and perhaps opening the show. Often performing solo, Savino's modern take on the one-man band involves running his homemade instrument, dubbed the "Banjotron 5000" through a slab of effects and loopers, bowing, drumming, and strumming out multi-textured arrangements to support his lyrically driven songs.

Savino is currently prepping the release of his third full length Tall Tall Trees record, which is slated for release in early 2017.
Curtis Eller
Curtis Eller
CURTIS ELLER is New York City's angriest yodelling banjo player. He sings about pigeon racing, performing elephants and Jesus, all of which he has seen with his own eyes. He started his show-business career at the age of seven as a juggler and acrobat in the Hiller Olde Tyme Circus in Detroit, but has since turned to the banjo because that's where the money is. His biggest musical influences are Buster Keaton, Elvis Presley and Abraham Lincoln.

Mr. Eller and his band, The American Circus stubbornly perform and record in New York City. They have appeared at funerals, horse races, burlesque revues and punk rock dumps. Haunted by the ghosts of silent film and wearing a dead man's clothes, Mr. Eller and the band have staggered their way into the hearts of audiences from London and Amsterdam to Los Angeles and Montreal. 2008 promises to see them touring extensively on both sides of the Atlantic ocean.

Along the way, they have shared the stage with strippers, contortionists, glass eaters and folksingers. They play more waltzes than any other band I know of, but nobody ever seems to feel like dancing.

On the lastest American Circus CD "Wirewakers & Assassins" Mr. Eller presents songs about John Wilkes Booth, Joe Louis, Fidel Castro, Jack Ruby and Richard Nixon (as well as the usual tales of Civil War generals and Elvis Presley). As always, sporadic yodeling and some strong language should be expected.

Mr Eller's tune "Alaska" was voted "2003's most Popular" on NPR's All Songs Considered. The music has the unmistakable sound of a pistol being fired in an abandoned salt mine: lonesome and violent.

The bands three previous CD's, "Taking Up Serpents Again" (2004), "Banjo Music for Funerals" (2002), and "1890" (2000), prove The American Circus capable of being recorded magnetically. On them you will here true stories about snake handlers and Coney Island, lies about P.T. Barnum and Amelia Earhart, and all the banjo playing and yodeling anyone can reasonably expect in these dark times.

All of the group's recorded output is available at live performances and online at The American Circus Souvenir Shop. Digital facsimiles of these artifacts can be downloaded from I-Tunes and CD Baby. Confederate currency will no longer be accepted.

Onstage and in the recording studio, The American Circus has attempted to capture the spirit of the Harford Circus Fire of 1944. Although there are sure to be many acts of heroism by performers and crew alike, ultimately it will prove to be the greatest disaster in circus history.

Liisa Yonker, Marilee Eitner, Joseph "Joebss" DeJarnette, Chris Moore, Gary Langol, Rima Fand, Gerald Menke, Amy Kohn, Michael Plunkett, Tim Kiah, Elizabeth Walsh, Adam Budofsky
Venue Information:
The Pinhook
117 W. Main St.
Durham, NC, 27701