A Tilted Guide to Being a Defendant

A Tilted Guide to Being a Defendant

Thu, May 4, 2017

5:30 pm

The Pinhook

Durham, NC

Free / Donations!

This event is all ages

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A Tilted Guide to Being a Defendant
A Tilted Guide to Being a Defendant
Fighting Charges, Strengthening Movements
A book presentation and community discussion

More information: http://tiltedscalescollective.org

Please join us for a community discussion about strengthening our struggles for liberation when facing criminal charges. This presentation and discussion are based on the ideas in the recently published book, A Tilted Guide to Being a Defendant. The Tilted Scales Collective is excited to bring you this comprehensive guide about facing charges in the criminal legal system. Rather than being a how-to guide, this book offers a way of thinking about criminal charges that is based on defendants' goals: personal, political, and legal. And these goals are framed with this question in mind:
“How is my case part of revolutionary struggle?”
The full book will be available at a discount and a chapter-length excerpt (Chapter 2, on setting goals) will be available by donation.
The government is all too successful at using criminal charges to disrupt, destroy, and neutralize radical and revolutionary struggles for liberation. A Tilted Guide draws on the wisdom of dozens of people who have weathered the challenges of trials and incarceration,including many former and current political prisoners/prisoners of war. This event is part of a nationwide tour aiming to help strengthen our movements on all fronts and take away the power of criminal charges. By thinking strategically and being in solidarity with each other, we can turn terrible situations in movement-building ones!
Tilted Scales Collective is a small collective of dedicated legal support organizers who have spent years supporting and fighting for political prisoners, prisoners of war, and politicized prisoners in the occupied lands of Turtle Island (i.e., the so-called united states).
Want the book now? Order from AK Press: https://www.akpress.org/a-tilted-guide-to-being-a-defendant.html. All sales support the publisher Combustion Books (http://combustionbooks.org), AK Press, and Prison Activist Resource Center (PARC), a prison abolitionist group that sends a resource list to prisoners nationwide (http://prisonactivist.org).
Tilted Scales Collective and Combustion Books have also created free ebook versions to ensure this resource gets out to all comrades who need it: http://www.combustionbooks.org/products-page/non-fiction/a-tilted-guide-to-being-a-defendant/.

You can reach us at tiltedscales(A)riseup.net.
Venue Information:
The Pinhook
117 W. Main St.
Durham, NC, 27701