MOOGfest Presents:

MOOGfest Presents:

Greg Belson, Jubilee, Noveller, Elon Katz

Sat, May 20, 2017

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

The Pinhook

Durham, NC

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Greg Belson
Greg Belson
Greg Belson began collecting records in 1984, exploring Hiphop culture from beats to samples, rap styles to lyrical flow. A penchant for the vintage soul recordings that were the backbone to these recordings soon started to flourish and shortly with it, a desire to promote gigs. In the early years, he co-promoted shows with ATFC (Defected Records) and DJ Vadim (Ninjatune/BBE), playing many local clubs in and around South London.

In 1994, Greg and Keb Darge joined forces to launch the legendary club session that has become a brand name in ‘Deep Funk’. The original concept was to create a night that covered all areas of funk music over two floors, in a West End London club. In the basement was a brace of DJ’s spearheaded by Keb playing 60’s beats, raw soul, Hammond funk and suchlike, whereas on the first floor, the mood was modern soul, 70’s soulful funk and even P-Funk.

By 1996, Greg had moved into music production, teaming up with Nick Faber to form the ‘Hightower Set’. The Black on Black label released a series of 12’s which gave the duo opportunities to work alongside the likes of Tony Brown (Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry collaborator), Aquasky, DJ Harvey, the Freakniks, Spacer and Meat Katie. Other labels offered remix work too including Scenario, Kingsize, Halflife and Moving Shadow. A number of tracks also made some hot compilations of the day released by labels such as Dope on Plastic, Beechwood, All Seeing Eye and Moving Shadow.

Kingsize Records signed the Faber/Belson production team in 1997under a separate moniker ‘Appleseed’ where the pair recorded with engineer Matthew ‘Bushwacka!’ B. Several tracks from this collaboration were licenced onto compilations, TV spots and brand advertising.

Greg continued DJ’ing throughout the ‘Hightower’ years and held various residencies at nights like ‘Hogwash’ (once rated by Snowboy as ‘one of the best, if not *the* best, funk clubs in the country’) and suchlike. Appearances across the UK followed, with demand for his blend of rare soul & funk coming from Edinburgh to Penzance, from Southampton to South London and Manchester to Plymouth. He also held a 14 year Thursday night residency in his home town of Kingston Upon Thames, a night that really allowed him to focus on building quality sets of music.

In 2006, Greg moved to Los Angeles California to be closer to the source of the music and to tread new boards. Since the move, he’s been responsible for unearthing some fantastic tracks that had previously gone unheard, particularly so in most soul related genres. He’s become known as the authority for vintage Gospel Soul recordings and in 2011, approached with an idea to host a specialist hour-long monthly broadcast dedicated to this phenomenal music. Now into its 6th year of airtime, ‘The Divine Chord Gospel Show’ has gained a global fanbase with dedicated listeners tuning in worldwide.

DJ appearances around the States include the ‘Emerald City Soul Club’ in Seattle, ‘Soul Togetherness’ in Chicago, as well as dates in New York, Detroit and all across California.

In 2014, he embarked on a 46-date European tour taking in nights all over the UK, as well as Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Holland and Italy…. the shows kicked off with an amazing headline set for Block 9’s ‘NYC Downlow’ stage at Glastonbury Festival. The tour was met with critical acclaim from all corners of the industry and has placed Greg in the spotlight as one of the leaders of rare and underplayed soul music. Now it's 2016, and he's just released his critically acclaimed compilation on Cultures of Soul Records, 'Greg Belson's Divine Disco'. With support from the likes of Lauren Laverne naming it 'Compilation of the Week' on her BBC Radio 6 Music show, sales have been amazing for such a left field collection of tunes. To promote the release, Belson embarked on a 60 date tour of Europe, once again treading the boards at Glastonbury Festival, as well as taking in shows in France, Portugal, Spain, Italy & Germany. He’s spreading the word one step at a time, and driving the soulful gospel train of this beautiful, amazing, powerful music.

Some of the DJ’s that have shared the turntables with Mr. Belson:

Cut Chemist, Keb Darge, Kenny Dope, Gilles Peterson, DJ Vadim, Meat Katie, Skeme Richards, Music Man Miles, Boogie Blind, Butch, Horse Meat Disco, DJ Shadow, Snowboy, Jay Strongman, J-Rocc, Dave Thorley, Bill Brewster, Supreme La Rock, David Morales, Bob Jones, Ashley Beadle, Dave Jarvis, Carry Nation, DJ Die, Mr Finewine, Pete 'Jelly Jazz' Isaac, Patrick Forge, Norman Jay, Wrongtom, Howie Pyro.
In the X-Men universe, Jubilee is known for prowling around the mall with neon shades on, breezing by with effortless cool. Given that one of her superpowers involves conjuring fireworks, the moniker couldn’t be more appropriate for Jess Gentile, the gifted DJ and producer known as Jubilee. Her preternatural sense of what’s popping off far ahead of the curve is only surpassed by her ability to make sparks fly in whatever room she’s in.

Growing up with the sounds of Power 96, 99 Jamz and local pirate stations in her ears, Jubilee soon stormed onto Miami’s rave scene as a teenager, drawn to the community that the dance floors inspired. Even if she had to go by herself, she’d rage at weekly drum ‘n’ bass nights, and zipped to and from raves in both Miami and West Palm Beach, bumping mixtapes from locals breaks DJs there and back.

The road eventually took Jubilee to New York. There she supported herself working at a makeup counter, all the while trading music and making friends through drum ‘n’ bass message boards. Jubilee’s curiosity about what was moving clubs across the pond and down the street was apparent; an early mix of hers combined Miami bass with grime, dancehall and club music.

Jubilee got her real start when she was given command of the downstairs room at drum n bass party. People would lose themselves and take shots while listening to DJ Assault, and news spread of Jubilee’s talents. Soon the versatile, forward-thinking DJ—who seamlessly moved through rap, UK grime, dancehall, R&B and more—started throwing and playing parties all around the city and beyond.

Reading and working a dance floor eventually translated into creating music for the very space she started in, releasing a trilogy of EPs on Mixpak Records, run by her former roommate Dre Skull. Much like her DJ style, her productions propelled her forward as a respected artist known for her ability to balance party with progressive music.

A nightlife expert in front of the mixing board and behind the decks, Jubilee is a unique force in club culture, injecting as much fun as technique into her sets & productions. Her debut album, “After Hours,” weaves together the many threads of her musical experiences into an effortlessly restrained artistic statement that works as an atmospheric ode to her home state, a confidently crafted nightlife narrative unified by weighty low end and expertly wielded drum machine workouts.
One of the most adept guitarists of our time, Lipstate returns with her signature

breathtaking cinematic, experimental soundscapes. Eloquent and striking, her

instrumentals evoke colorful and otherworldly imagery. Lipstate writes in majestic,

emotional strokes with pieces ranging from remarkably tense environments to

shimmering psychedelic rock or unraveling into something darker.

Sarah Lipstate has been recording music under the moniker of Noveller for over a

decade. In addition to her large catalog of solo work, she has been a member of both

Rhys Chatham’s Guitar Army and Glenn Branca’s 100 Guitar Ensemble, collaborated

with Lee Ranaldo, Carla Bouzulich and JG Thirlwell. The artist has also scored a number

of feature and short films along with the Radiolab live show with Glenn Kotche (Wilco)

and Darin Gray. Following 2015’s ‘Fantastic Planet’, the musician was invited to tour

with Iggy Pop across the US and Europe.
Elon Katz
Elon Katz
Venue Information:
The Pinhook
117 W. Main St.
Durham, NC, 27701