1F2L and Black Bullies Entertainment Presents:

1F2L and Black Bullies Entertainment Presents:

Alex Aff, Danny Blaze, Jooselord, $wank, Ernest Third

Sun, September 3, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

The Pinhook

Durham, NC


This event is all ages

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1F2L and Black Bullies Entertainment Presents:
Since its establishment in 2014, over two dozen of North Carolina’s popular artists and creatives have represented or been in affiliation with these four letters: 1F2L. Whether if it’s hip-hop concerts, music, multimedia such as photography and cinema, tours, or simply on online social media - 1F2L Entertainment (stylized “1F2L’s” for short abbreviation) has touched the scene in almost every way.
Founder and professional DJ, D.C. McClain (a.k.a. DCM) has provided a platform for his frequent collaborators and young aspiring creatives in North Carolina. With deep influence in the
creative processings of up & coming hip-hop artists such as Deejay Riley, Dom Martin, Danny Blaze, and singer/songwriter Paul Royster, 1F2L’s roster grows as time continues. Alongside his team of highly talented photography and film collaborators, DCM has
produced various music cover artwork, music videos, documentaries, photography, and other forms of multimedia. In addition to assisting in artist development, the company has begun to host local concerts and tour production with artists such as The Koolest, Alex Aff, Ace Henderson, and No9to5 Music.

Live from Bull City, Black Bullies Ent. began in 9th Wonder’s classroom on the campus of North Carolina Central University. With one rule “develop your own record label and get a buzz,” 9TH Wonder, gave these students a class project that inspired a dream. What started as an assignment has developed into a business, a
dream, and a goal for a few ambitious students. Since creating the label, Black Bullies has featured in Durham’s Herald Sun and on North Carolina’s Spectrum News. They continue to holistically celebrate Hip-Hop’s community by pushing quality music, serving in the community, and empowering artists of all crafts.
Alex Aff
Alex Aff
Alex Aff, hip-hop artist from Durham, North Carolina, has previously released two series of his signature mixtape “Who Knows, Who Cares” and continues to deliver high quality production behind his words, through his music and visuals. Alex, who still considers himself a rookie to the game, has shared the stage with dozens of local hip-hop acts such as Defacto Thezpian, J. Rowdy, and also collaborated with Kamus Leonardo, Ducée Droptop, K-Hill, and many more.
After successfully completing his independent “Aff & Friends” Tour across the east coast from Brooklyn to his homecoming show in Durham, North Carolina, Alex Aff has significantly increased his music catalog (as an artist as well as producer) in 2017. The five-city five-artist tour consisted of Alex, Danny Blaze, Defacto Thezpian, plus DJ’s Johnny Storm and DCM. Since the tour in December 2016, Alex has released new music via Soundcloud literally every week with a plan to reach a full year.
Danny Blaze
From being one the “koolest” in the city, to now dreaming in California about loving a “Pus(h)er,” Danny Blaze has been a signature imprint to North Carolina hip-hop. Dan resides from the eastern “Bull City” roots of Durham, North Carolina. Continuously as an independent artist, collaborator, and as a group artist, Danny Blaze brings great energy to the scene. After releasing “Nerds at the Kool Table” with co-star Dinero P, The Koolest artist has released various solo classics getting high reviews.
In the past three years Blaze has performed in almost every Carolina city in numerous local shows, headlined his own tour as a member of The Koolest, his hit single “California Dreaming” and the music video for his popular track “Pus(h)er” were both featured on Hot97’s music blog website in 2016, Danny was gifted feature newspaper articles in News & Observer and IndyWeek, and he recently performed in the annual Art of Cool music festival in his
hometown Durham, North Carolina.
An artist with hip-hop beginnings established in the war zones of North Carolina battle rap has the ultimate advantage when it comes to knowing how to defeat their competition; Jooselord Magnus is a prime example. Durham was first introduced to Joose as the young battle rapper whose punchlines were so clever, but so vicious it would make you feel bad for his opponent for even attempting to win. While winning various battles, like his recent farewell battle victory against DMT, Jooselord has built his foundation in North Carolina hip-hop, and is ascending now as one the top hip-hop rookies in the Carolina rap game. Successfully hosting his “Old Fashioned Un-American Barn Burner” two-day concert event last winter and being nominated for Carolina Music Awards “Best New Artist” of 2017 are just a few of Jooselord’s achievements since he debuted as a performer just one year ago.
In a fusion of stealthy lyricism to mainstream beats and strong samples, $wank’s sound is one Old School Hip-Hop fans and New-School Hip-Hop fans can support. Born in Littleton, NC, to an R&B loving mother and rapping father, $wank expressed interest in music at a young age. It wasn’t until age 13, when $wank’s father died, that he made music a priority. Since then, rapper and producer, $wank has built a name for himself on his school campus, NCCU, and signed with start-up record label, Black Bullies Ent. For the month of September, $wank has a performance, here, at Pinhook, and at Beats N Bars. He’s also dropping his album, Two Five Worldwide.
Ernest Third
Ernest Third, formerly, Ernest Peso is a
23-year-old newcomer set
to join the elites of hip-
hop. Apart from the
traditional sound of
Baltimore, this South B-
more native and emcee,
delivers word-play
riddled, lyrics over jazz
and sample beats. Firstly
known in B-more for
football, Third has battled
for attention for his
music. In May 2017, Third
signed with start-up
record label, Black Bullies
Ent., gaining a nod from
Grammy Award winning
Producer, 9th Wonder ---
“He sits between
Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole. He has Kendrick in what he’s saying and J.Cole in his flow.” Ernest Third has since left Black Bullies Ent., but continues his career in music as a rapper and producer at EBAN Studios in Baltimore.
Venue Information:
The Pinhook
117 W. Main St.
Durham, NC, 27701