Diane Cluck, Wes Swing w/Yessirov

Diane Cluck

Wes Swing w/Yessirov

Wed, August 29, 2018

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The Pinhook

Durham, NC


This event is all ages

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Diane Cluck
Diane Cluck
American singer-songwriter. She describes her music as "intuitive folk". She currently resides in Virginia.

“An unlikely mix of Aaron Neville, the Baka people, and Joni Mitchell, Cluck’s singing is unaffected yet unusual.” -NPR

“Watching Cluck perform jams the senses. It’s almost easier to imagine some tiny spirit in her chest is controlling the action, turning a pitch wheel with one hand and a tone knob with the other.” -NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert

“Diane Cluck is a virtuosic talent with an emotionality that feels at once ancient and alien. Her mastery of her voice as an ecstatic instrument is so compelling.” -Anohni

“Bell-clear and hotly austere, her lithe, dynamic voice hasn’t much kin. Categorizing her as folk is simplistic…(Cluck) emanates something humble but mythic. Appalachia or ancient Athens? Both hum and lilt in the unpretentious drama of her airy songs.” -Time Out New York

“Refreshing, startling, and also engaging, Diane Cluck is an artist willing to explore the frontiers of song, and occasionally report back to us what she discovers there. Diane uses the usual songwriter tools of words and music, and voice and guitar, but somehow her songs are very unusual.” -WNYC’S Spinning on Air

“I grew up on 60s music, but my first contemporary music love was Diane Cluck.” -Laura Marling

“She is likely one of the most refined and elegant songwriters in all of neo-folkdom. A brilliant idiosyncratic guitarist, a witty and wise lyricist, an imaginative melody writer with a powerful voice; her dark and introspective tunes are utterly captivating. Watch her spellbind the room.” -Village Voice

“Diane Cluck exists in a world all her own. Her songs float around our heads and land somewhere in between folklore and daydream. The songs are raw and primitive.” -Daytrotter

“Her songs have an irregular, or even cellular, logic.” -Other Music

“Diane demonstrates just how little she needs to put the world on hold: just a voice, a guitar and some of the most spell-binding words you’ll hear anywhere.” -MOJO

“Naked songs filled with movement and metamorphosis…primal yearnings reminiscent of the howling bark of an outraged owl or broken coo of a horny dove…contagiously introspective and joyfully declarative.” -Voodoo-Eros

“She made me rethink my singing instincts. Diane is not just an amazing and interesting singer, she’s a philosopher.” -Sharon Van Etten

“There was something so uncommonly arresting about Cluck’s ornate, classically-inspired melodies and the way she coaxed out her stark and poignant balladry with a peculiar and uniquely clipped glottal beauty. Free of cliché, free of clutter, it delivered the kind of emotional payoff that was totally unputdownable.” -Wears the Trousers Magazine

“Cluck’s sparse compositions seem to float defiantly from some fortress the conscious self had long left behind.” -The Providence Phoenix

“Diane Cluck is the kind of singer/songwriter that is hard to discuss…The poetry that that voice is pouring out is inimitably gorgeous.” -Death + Taxes Magazine
Wes Swing w/Yessirov
Wes Swing w/Yessirov
Wes Swing is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and composer. His musical journey began as a four-year-old violinist, and he developed an early appreciation for classical music. He later found his true musical love in playing and composing for cello while studying Latin at university. After graduating with a classics degree, Wes taught for three years before quitting his teaching job and turning to music full time. The revelatory nature of Swing's journey shines through in his work. In live
performance, he uses looping technology, building and layering multiple cello parts. Dark, foggy soundscapes and subdued cello melodies slowly focus into moments of clarity, overtaken by a symphony of strings before receding back into an instrumental dreamworld. Swing’s music is featured regularly on NPR and in film, and he has toured throughout the US and Europe with his band and as a solo artist. He is the recent recipient of aSOUP grant for a year long performance art piece. In addition to music, Wes is currently writing a book of short stories.
Venue Information:
The Pinhook
117 W. Main St.
Durham, NC, 27701