Save The Pinhook

A brief story of how a community saved a club, and how a club wants to do everything it can to support a community and how an amazing staff rallied for this.  There’s no way we can thank everyone involved, but we’d like to honor them and you here.  Thank you.

Valentine’s Day Weekend started with a strong showing of love for The Pinhook. Back in December, owner Kym Register announced that the club was $80,000 in debt from an accounting error—and the North Carolina Department of Revenue was demanding its money within a year. It was a worrisome state for the Durham spot, which seeks to be not just a concert hall but also a space for community and activism in an ever-shifting downtown landscape.

But thanks to a crowdfunding page and four secret shows that featured Sylvan EssoMipsoHammer No More The Fingers, and one big supergroup, The Pinhook raised enough money to cover every cent of the debt. On Friday, Register and a few Pinhook cohorts rolled up to the Department of Revenue office to pay off The Pinhook’s bill in full. – Allison Hussey / The IndyWeek


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