Support These Orgs.

Migrant Roots Media
Migrant Roots Media (MRM) is a digital platform which amplifies the voices of migrants, children of migrants, and those struggling to stay and thrive in their homelands to unearth the root causes of global migration. We strategically position intersectional voices so they can aid in advancing narratives and socio-political analyses concerning migration and other social issues.

Durham For All
Our staff consists of an organizing team with a Lead Organizer, Campaign Organizer, and Neighborhood Organizer. They organize in working class and people of color communities to bring more people into action and leadership. We also have an Operations Manager to hold together all the moving pieces of the organization and a Digital Organizing Fellow to get our message out!Our board is a multiracial, cross-class group of Durham organizers and activists with varied movement experiences and skill-sets.Our members are building a multiracial, cross-class movement to win back our government and create a Durham for all of us. Become a member today!Durham for All is a grassroots political organization registered and operating as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit.

Carolina Abortion Fund
CAF operates a confidential, toll free helpline that provides financial, practical, and emotional support to callers in North and South Carolina trying to access abortion care. We serve all of our callers regardless of gender identity, race, age, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religion, ability, place of origin, citizenship, and all other physical or social defining factors. We are a pro-abortion and pro-choice organization that works in partnership with reproductive justice organizations locally, regionally, and nationally to support families access to parenting, abortion, and adoption as valid reproductive options.

NorthStar Church of the Arts
After four decades of producing award winning music and architecture, Nneena and Phil Freelon have directed their artistic energy toward Durham’s growing economic engine with the goal of providing an arts and cultural space that is openly accessible to all Durhamites. As gentrification threatens to displace and marginalize our community, the NorthStar Church of the Arts will provide a welcoming, safe and vibrant environment for sharing art in all its form – right in the heart of the city.  

We are committed to promoting the creativity, affirmation, leadership, abundance and voices of Southern queer youth. We recognize that gender and sexuality are multidimensional concepts that intersect with issues including, but not limited to: institutions, race, class, heritage, ability, documentation status, language, or spirituality. We aim to cultivate intersectional spaces and claim music and arts as a vehicle of queer empowerment.

Girls Rock NC works to empower girls, women, and folks of marginalized genders—through creative expression and music—to be more confident and engaged members of their communities.